Raising the Bar on Support

With FundCount, the relationship doesn’t end once you purchase and install software. Whether a new user just getting started or an experienced user with a specific question, our knowledgeable support team is there to help.

Users worldwide appreciate – and have come to expect — the outstanding customer service that is the hallmark of FundCount. Our support team doesn’t just answer questions, they are trained problem solvers. They think outside the box to suggest solutions tailored to each client’s specific situation. When you call our support line, you draw upon their broad business expertise and deep knowledge of FundCount software to receive a timely response to your issue — whether functional or technical — so that you can move forward with minimal downtime.

FundCount support is there when you need it:

  • Prompt responses within 24 hours via telephone or email
  • Talk to a live person during support hours
  • Web conferencing for a step-by-step demonstration how to accomplish a task
  • Access to comprehensive online help documentation
  • Additional support services available, including onsite consulting and training

Support is available 19 out of 24 hours per day through FundCount’s network of global offices. Hosted and managed solutions benefit from 24/7 technical support.

Contact us:

Americas: +1 617-586-3356

UK: +44(0)7507-641-036

Europe: +41 43-215-57-80

Australia: +61 2-8320-0830

Asia, Middle East, Africa: +65 6813-2470