Private Equity

Meeting demands for transparency and reporting shouldn’t overwhelm your
back office.

With FundCount, they won’t.

FundCount’s flexible accounting software handles the complex requirements and reporting obligations of private equity funds with clarity, accuracy and efficiency.

The Power of FundCount

  • Accounts for the entire fund lifecycle from commitment to final distribution and close
  • Tracks profit splits and rebalances between general and limited partners
  • Automatically calculates management fees for multiple classes of investors
  • Meets ILPA reporting standards for disclosure of fees and expenses
  • Enables the creation of on-demand performance reports with customizable benchmarking
  • Supports best practices for transparency and reporting

Bringing Efficiency to the Back Office

Evolving regulatory guidelines combined with greater demand for disclosure are saddling private equity firms with more paperwork and reporting obligations than ever before, straining back-office resources.

FundCount replaces cumbersome standalone spreadsheets with integrated partnership and portfolio accounting software that ensures greater accuracy and efficiency in managing the complex accounting requirements of private equity. It lets you calculate and track financial data quickly, easily and efficiently so you and your shareholders have accurate investment information at all times. Multicurrency, double-entry accounting and a custom chart of accounts enable you to shadow your fund administrator’s work with confidence.

To streamline workflow, FundCount automatically imports data from investment and investor transactions and aggregates it through a single general ledger. An integrated general ledger obviates the need to key information into two separate systems, bringing greater accuracy and efficiency to your firm.

Support Across Asset Classes

FundCount supports a wide spectrum of asset classes encompassing any marketable security or hard asset. No financial metric is too esoteric for FundCount. Even complex error-prone fee calculations - such as waterfalls, capital calls and distributions — are accurate, consistent and auditable.

With FundCount, distributions of cash or assets to limited partners can be recorded in a single step. In addition, FundCount provides extensive functionality for capital calls:

      • Calculates call allocations automatically
      • Enables you to exclude specific individual investors from any category
      • Automatically generates capital call letters and statements to each limited partner based on your template
      • Links contributions to existing calls

Transparency and Reporting

FundCount supports best practices for transparency and reporting. It offers all ILPA- recommended reports, including cover letters, balance sheets, schedule of investments and individual capital account statements.

Whether calculating fund performance and statistical metrics (i.e., IRR, TVPI, DPI, RVPI) or creating personalized call statements, FundCount’s vast selection of reports puts you in control. Associate capital calls and distributions with ILPA-standard categories, add new custom categories as needed, or establish repeatable templates for recurring use quickly and easily. FundCount’s flexible reporting engine lets you create clear and accurate reports that will satisfy investors and regulators now and in the future.

Online Access

FundCount provides a completely interactive online reporting interface for tablets, phone and web. Once reports are configured, clients can view and run their own reports on the data that you provide. Parameter selection, settings, client access and other details are in your control.

Another option for sharing reports is through FundCount’s online portal, a custom-branded website designed specifically for your clients. This convenient information “vault” provides access to the full range of reports as well as other information and documentation.

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