Portfolio Accounting

The Power of FundCount

  • Supports all investment types, including equities, derivatives, currencies, swaps, private equity real estate and debt instruments
  • Easy to use, customizable performance and risk reporting provides business insight and speeds informed decisions
  • Integrates with any Order Management System, enhancing efficiency
  • Integrated real-time accounting ledger facilitates real-time NAV by removing the need for reconciliation between Portfolio and G/L
  • Integrates with brokers, custodians, alternative managers and market feeds to eliminate manual processes

Comprehensive Coverage

FundCount’s portfolio accounting software tracks, analyzes and accurately reports the value of complex investments for all public securities and derivatives. By evaluating investment strategies and holdings in numerous ways, FundCount arms financial professionals with valuable insight for more informed investing decisions.

See your investments the way you want to through user-defined categorization and flexible security templates. FundCount offers security accounting and analytics for any portfolio of marketable securities and advanced functionality for fund accounting, including basic funds, multi-class funds, multi-sector funds and fund of funds.

Performance Measurement and Risk Reporting

A wide range of portfolio measurement methodologies enable you to calculate investment returns and evaluate performance against individual or blended benchmarks.

FundCount calculates Modern Portfolio Theory statistics and many other risk metrics. Once performance is calculated, holdings can be sorted or filtered by asset class, manager, broker, sector or other categories relevant to your business. An optional performance attribution module allows you to evaluate the sources of under/over performance, and along with FundCount’s extensive graphic capabilities, you will see performance and risk in many ways, helping you tell your story to clients most effectively.

Custodian and Broker Connectivity

FundCount’s portfolio accounting brings speed, accuracy and efficiency to your firm. By directly importing data from any broker, custodian, manager or in-house software, the chance of error from manual data entry is greatly reduced. Institutional data connections are available using PCR, a FundCount partner, or with FundCount’s proprietary ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) Data Importer. With everything flowing through an integrated general ledger, consolidated investment information is immediately available and reports can be created on demand and delivered to clients.

Meeting Compliance

FundCount facilitates compliance with industry accounting and reporting standards from FASB, IFRS, GAAP and GIPS. Automated processes and integrated workflow tools not only improve accuracy by reducing manual errors, but provide an audit trail and transparency to meet compliance requirements.

Best of All Worlds

For firms that require partnership accounting and a real-time general ledger in addition to portfolio accounting, FundCount integrates all three on one platform. With its modular design, FundCount meets the mid- to back-office needs of investment operations, accountants and client relationship professionals.

On-demand Reporting

User-controlled reporting is one of the hallmarks of FundCount. A toolkit approach makes it easy to create, format and customize reports to meet client needs. FundCount provides for automated distribution of client reports by email or through our online portal.