Partnership Accounting

The Power of FundCount

  • Calculates investor management and incentive fees
  • Handles multi-series or debit/credit style equalization accounting
  • Distributes tax and book P&L allocations
  • Manages master-feeder structures with an unlimited number of levels
  • Fully automates P&L and cash flows between nested entities
  • Tracks NAV, capital calls, commitments and distributions
  • Prepares Schedule K-1, Schedule D and other tax documents

Untangle the Web of Complexity

Partnership accounting is inherently complex with its financial web of investments, fees, distributions and reporting for each partner. FundCount tracks multiple investor capital accounts and calculates different management, performance and other fee structures across any number of partnership investment vehicles. It handles allocation details, including individual tax and book gains and losses, and calculates NAV by partners or funds.

FundCount downloads, imports and reconciles data automatically, eliminating tedious manual input and bringing greater efficiency and accuracy to the back office. An integrated general ledger further streamlines operations and ensures that all financial details have been captured and aggregated. FundCount offers a custom chart of accounts, which provides the flexibility to manage atypical client situations that have no out-of-the-box solution.

From setting up fee classes to tracking waterfall structures, allocations, contributions and redemptions, FundCount provides an accounting and reporting solution with comprehensive functionality to meet the challenges of single-class and multi-class partnerships.

Integrated Accounting

For firms that need to provide investment services as well as manage complex partnerships and tax reporting, FundCount integrates portfolio, partnership and general ledger accounting on one platform. It enables multi-family offices, fund administrators and hedge firms to support the broad range of clients’ activities.

Fast and Accurate Reporting

With investors’ increasing demand for transparency, accurate client statements and tax information must be available without delay. FundCount’s flexible reporting enables you to quickly provide clients with partner statements, performance, contribution and withdrawal information, contract notes, tax information and more. Whether selecting from the vast collection of standard reports or creating new templates tailored to specific requirements, FundCount’s easy-to-use tools ensure you always have the right report at your fingertips.