Managed Services

While many firms choose to deploy and maintain FundCount software themselves, two managed service options are available to accommodate clients that prefer to outsource various services.

FC Hosted

FC Hosted is a comprehensive service that offers full hosting, implementation and support of FundCount through Digital Edge, a leader in managed cloud solutions and a FundCount partner.

With FC Hosted, users access FundCount from their desktops via a secure internet connection, but the costly aspects – server hardware, infrastructure and ongoing support – are our responsibility, not yours. Secure off-site cloud hosting provides worry free access to FundCount, offering you 24/7 support and a full disaster recovery instance in a separate facility.

FC Hosted is a good choice for clients that do not have the IT resources, time or expertise to manage FundCount in-house. It delivers superior service and support at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining on-premises technology.

FC Managed

FC Managed is a good option for clients that want to operate FundCount themselves but need varying levels of support to manage systems and application-level servers. FC Managed can be tailored to the specific requirements of your firm – you determine the level of support needed based on available resources and in-house domain expertise. Support services are provided by Digital Edge, a leader in managed cloud solutions and a FundCount partner.

Whether you entrust all support to us or only for select tasks such as second-level support and monitoring for hardware and operating systems, you’ll still benefit from dedicated 24/7 customer service and flat-fee, monthly contracts with no hidden costs. Full disaster recovery, including real-time automated replication of the primary system, is standard with all FC Managed contracts.

FC Managed provides you with a single point of contact and dedicated experts with extensive knowledge of Windows, Linux and most all, FundCount software.

Which service is right for you?

Service FC Hosted FC Managed
No investment in hardware, networking infrastructure or maintenance
Secure, remote access to FundCount through the Internet optional
Client runs/accesses FundCount from their own servers or data center optional
Ala carte technical support options
Integration setup and maintenance
Single point of contact
Flat-fee cost structure
Comprehensive disaster recovery
24/7 technical support