Get Started on the Right Foot with Seamless Implementation

The FundCount implementation team is dedicated to getting you up and running quickly so that you can begin to reap the benefits of our comprehensive functionality and wide range of flexible reports.

To ensure a smooth implementation with minimal disruption to your business, the process begins with a thorough examination of business requirements and workflow. Information gathered from this review is used to set up system parameters, feeds, account structures and operational requirements, which will determine the implementation schedule.

FundCount’s well-defined implementation process enables us to identify potential delays and resolve any issues in advance. Then, we work closely with you to:

  • Install workstation and server software
  • Move investor, investment and reconciliation data to FundCount
  • Identify and recreate key reports
  • Create import templates to facilitate addition of new information
  • Integrate with third-party data providers
  • Integrate with existing in-house and legacy systems

Training begins at key milestones during the installation and testing process. Our implementation team will share operational best practices and show you how to automate common tasks to reduce keystroke errors. Understanding how to use FundCount efficiently will enable you to optimize the value of your technology investment.