Hedge Fund

Accounting software that improves your firm’s operational efficiency doesn’t need to be complicated.

Even if the investments it supports are.

FundCount offers hedge funds simplicity, flexibility and accuracy in one fully integrated accounting and reporting solution. Spend more time investing and less time managing operations.

The Power of FundCount

  • Strikes NAVs by funds, classes, side pockets, partners and/or series
  • Automatically calculates management and investment fee structures across any number of partnership investment vehicles
  • Generates capital calls and tracks commitments, side pockets and historical P&L equalization automatically
  • Automates P&L and cash flows between entities in complex master-feeder structures
  • Highlights portfolio risk measurement statistics including beta, alpha, Sharpe, Sortino, standard deviations and up/down market ratio

Accurate and Efficient

Gathering accurate data from disparate sources such as custodians, prime brokers and fund administrators is time consuming, but essential since data feeds the investment models that fuel the success of your firm. FundCount streamlines operations and improves data accuracy by tracking all partnership and portfolio accounting activities through a single general ledger. It provides double-entry, multicurrency accounting based off a custom chart of accounts to facilitate shadowing your fund administrator.

An automated process for downloading, importing and reconciling data eases the administrative burden of gathering this information manually. Fee accruals and expense calculations can be automated through set-up options to further eliminate manual entry and increase productivity.

FundCount tracks a wide range of security types from equities and derivatives to currencies, swaps and fixed income. It lets you review performance by industry, strategy, geography or other user-definable sectors as well as compare performance against specified indices. With accounting support for onshore and offshore funds, your investments are not limited by geography.

Integrated workflow tools, which detail the steps involved in any process, bring institutional-quality procedures and seamless efficiency to your back-office while delivering high data integrity for reports.

FundCount has been a critical accounting vendor for Newport over the past ten years.  As we have grown, added products and responded to investor demands so has FundCount and the product offering provided by the firm and its technicians.
Roger May, Chief Financial Officer, Newport Global Advisors

Flexible Reporting

From investors’ demand for transparency to increased regulatory pressure, the ability to deliver accurate, timely reports has never been more important. FundCount’s robust reporting tools put a wide spectrum of ready-to-use reports at your fingertips.

Whether you need to create audit-ready financial reports, track portfolio and shareholders’ performance compared to benchmarks, or monitor asset allocation, market and risk statistics, FundCount offers hundreds of standard reports from which to choose. Most reports can be created in minutes rather than days or weeks to quickly meet the demands of your stakeholders.

FundCount enriches its standard report selection with options that provide greater flexibility for customization. Over 50 types of charts and graphs can be integrated into your core portfolio analysis reporting. With powerful visual components added to your reports, complex data is communicated in a clear and easy-to-understand format for management and investor review.

Reports can be saved in several formats including HTML, Excel, PDF, XML, charts and GIF files. Secure access to view live reports through tablets and phones is available for your investors. Additionally, reports can be automated and delivered online, via email or by regular mail.

FundCount is an easy-to-use, flexible and sophisticated fund accounting system which has helped us grow and handle increased reporting demands. I can instantly drill down through entities or other segments to get the answers I need.
Jonathan G., Director of Finance, Hedge Fund

An Eye Towards Compliance

With hedge fund activities increasingly under the microscope of investors and regulators, you want to be certain your firm is on top of compliance issues. FundCount compliance reports are a quick and easy way to determine if you are in compliance with specific rules.

FundCount enables you to add rules regarding the composition and behavior of your fund. You can verify compliance of the portfolio as a whole, by individual investment or investor, or by asset allocation across all accounts and entities. Running a compliance report automatically checks if any rules have been violated, and alerts you accordingly.

FundCount gives us more control and it helps us identify things that we otherwise would not have been able to identify.
Partner, NYC Hedge Fund

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