Real-Time General Ledger

The Power of FundCount

  • Real-time general ledger seamlessly integrated with investment and investor accounting for greater accuracy, operational efficiency and fastest NAV calculation
  • Customizable chart of accounts offers flexible user-defined mapping
  • Carries tax information through any number of entities in complex master-feeder structures
  • Maps income and expense accounts to sections of IRS Forms 1065 and K-1 for U.S. tax reporting
  • Runs multi-entity consolidated financials with custom exclusion matrices constructed from the master chart of accounts

One Integrated Ledger, Numerous Benefits

FundCount’s real-time multicurrency general ledger is fully integrated with its partnership and portfolio accounting. It provides a single, dependable hub for accounting data that facilitates reconciliation and streamlines operations.

Accounts and sub-accounts for each partner and investment instrument are automatically and dynamically added into the general ledger in real time. Debit/credit journal entries from portfolio and partnership transactions are automatically posted to those accounts, bringing further operational efficiency to the accounting process. A click of the mouse drills down to low-level sub accounts of individual partners or investment instruments to view granular details of the balance sheet or trial balance.

Flexibility is a key attribute of FundCount. Define parameters of your expense profile, such as fixed amount, percentage or composite and let FundCount do the rest – it automatically accrues expenses for accounts payable. FundCount also enables you to build custom solutions to track non-general ledger data from “off-balance” accounts of the general ledger.

Chart of Accounts

FundCount offers a customizable chart of accounts, which is based off the general ledger in real time. It includes user-defined mapping to accommodate investment holdings, sectors, bank accounts, accounts receivable/payable and other line items. Create groups of legal entities and further define entity-by-entity “local” variations vis-à-vis the master. Or, run consolidated financials for multi-entities with custom exclusion/elimination matrices – all based off the chart of accounts. FundCount also enables you to copy the whole or parts of the master chart of accounts across multiple legal entities.

Accounts Payable and Cash Management

Track and pay all your clients’ expenses, monitor bank and credit card accounts, and easily manage cash with the optional FC A/P module. In supporting the complete payment lifecycle, FC A/P offers check writing and electronic bill payment, flexible vendor and invoice management, customizable expense allocation templates and FundCount’s unparalleled reporting capabilities.

Tax Reporting Made Simple

FundCount’s automated client and tax reporting streamlines workflow and improves operational efficiency. FundCount drills down to the most granular level of individual tax lots and series to track tax and book appreciation and cost items for portfolio and partnership accounting. Appreciation between nested and master-feeder entities flows automatically by tax P&L items from tax lots to series and from series to tax lots, carrying all tax information through any number of layers of complex fund and family structures.

FundCount is compatible with many third-party software providers and accepts journal entry import/export from an Excel, CSV or text file, making it easy to learn and use.

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