Fund Administration

Accuracy, efficiency and timely NAV reporting.

FundCount won’t make you choose.

Gain all the benefits without compromise using FundCount’s fully integrated accounting, general ledger and reporting solution for fund administration.

The Power of FundCount

  • Supports a wide range of asset types, including equities, derivatives, currencies, swaps, private equity and debt instruments
  • Accounts for onshore and offshore hedge funds, private equity funds and fund of funds
  • Provides custom functions allowing for proprietary calculations and manipulation with your data
  • Integrates investor and fund accounting in a single platform
  • Automatically revalues all tiers of fund of fund and master-feeder structures

Diverse Challenges

When producing financials for fund administrators, investors, auditors and regulators, fund administrators must meet the dual challenge of speed and efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.

FundCount helps you meet these challenges head on. Its fully integrated partnership, portfolio, and general ledger accounting system streamlines workflow and improves accuracy. All accounting and investment data flows through a single multicurrency general ledger so calculating net asset value and other financial metrics is faster, more efficient and above all, more accurate.

With FundCount, there is no need to manually enter data in separate applications or manage numerous vendors. An automated process facilitates data import and integrates information from multiple systems. FundCount reduces the reliance on error-prone standalone spreadsheets and ensures you always have a comprehensive financial picture across funds.

FundCount provides full accounting and analytical support for a wide range of investments, security types and fund structures. It accepts feeds from data pricing providers, creates net asset value, calculates management and incentive fees and reconciles portfolios with multiple custodians.

FundCount has been very important to the development of our Fund, Endowment and Family Office accounting, administration and tax businesses. We have worked closely with them for over eight years on accounting, tax and client/ investor portal solutions for our diverse client base.
Marc L. Rinaldi, Partner in Charge, Financial Services PKF O’Connor Davies and CEO, O’Connor Davies Administration, LLC.

Robust Reporting

FundCount’s powerful reporting engine enables you to create tax, investment and other reports within minutes, not days or weeks. Timely, accurate reports are integral to investor confidence. They also set the foundation for compliance – providing fund managers, investors, auditors and regulators with transparency and an audit trail.

In addition to an extensive array of standard reports and flexible templates, FundCount offers a custom report writer and functions module for creating unique reports and analyses specific to your firm’s needs. Using Excel as a report layout and logics program, FundCount eliminates the learning curve associated with expensive and complicated third-party custom reporting packages. Reports are easier to set up and easier to use. More than 50 types of charts and graphs can be included in your custom reports to add visual impact and to present complex data in an easy-to-understand format.

Reports can be delivered online to your own client sites or by email. An optional web portal that provides your fund managers with full access to reports and other documents is also available.

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