Family Office

Complex entity accounting and reporting made simple.

And fast.

With FundCount, aggregating, tracking and managing investment details across family entities has never been easier. FundCount is powerful enough to meet all your accounting needs, dynamic enough to handle unique family situations, and flexible enough to create comprehensive reports in seconds.

The Power of FundCount

  • Integrates investment, general ledger and partnership accounting for a complete financial picture across a wide range of investment asset classes, portfolios, trusts, private equity and other holdings
  • Provides comprehensive multicurrency accounting and analytics to meet the detailed reporting requirements of international investments
  • Instantly consolidates or disaggregates views for complex ownership structures, including nested entities
  • Improves efficiency and reduces operational expenses with automated workflow tools
  • Creates “look-through” views by any or all structures for complete transparency
  • Offers total control over reporting from tax and book accounting to investment analysis and performance metrics
  • Automatically builds a visual tree to linked entities for a comprehensive snapshot of all relationships

Integrate Accounting Processes

Regardless of the size of your family office, stewardship of the family’s wealth falls in your hands. FundCount provides accounting, general ledger, investment analysis and reporting in a single, integrated software solution. It enables family offices to quickly and confidently manage disparate investments across family entities and consolidate information into timely, client-specific reports.

FundCount supports a broad range of asset types — from equities and fixed income to the most complex derivatives, funds, partnerships, private equity and nested master/feeder structures. Separately managed accounts can be integrated with family partnerships, trusts and companies to provide a complete investment picture. Enter data once, reconcile data once and let FundCount do the rest.

Track Complex Entity Structures

As a family grows and assets increase, it becomes more difficult to accurately track cash flows and investments among nested entities. Manual solutions and classic spreadsheets are cumbersome. They cannot accommodate complex relationships or linked transactions. And, they lack the transparency needed to satisfy auditors or to prove to family members that investment mandates are being followed.

FundCount automatically tracks all entities — from individuals, trusts and corporations to partnerships and holding companies – improving efficiency and reducing operational overhead. It links funds and managed accounts in nested entities, saving data - entry time and eliminating manual errors. To add new entities or accommodate changes in relationships, FundCount builds a visual tree, making it immediately apparent who belongs to which entity. Consolidated look-through reports can be created quickly based on the relationships and linked transactions in the visual tree, and tailored to meet the needs of each family member.

I used to have to log into each entity individually but now I can easily switch between partnerships to see other entities.
Marcie Odum, CFO, The Lupton Company

Streamline Workflow

Entering and rekeying data from numerous accounts and statements is not only time consuming, but inefficient. FundCount reduces manual input and increases productivity by automating P&L and cash flows across nested entities, setting direct links with custodians and automating reconciliation processes. The software’s integrated workflow tool details the steps involved in any work process – even opens screens automatically – ensuring your office can provide accurate, timely information and a high level of customer service to family members.

Fast, Client-Focused Reporting

With hundreds of reports in 20 categories, FundCount’s robust client reporting enables family offices to quickly and accurately tailor investment details to each family member’s need. View asset allocation by sector or asset class, generate performance reports, prepare Schedule K-1s or create a custom report to meet a particular request. Most reports can be created in seconds or minutes, not days or weeks. FundCount’s easy-to-use tools even let you change fonts and colors to customize the look and feel of your reports.