Firm Profile

About FundCount

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Boston, FundCount provides integrated accounting and investment analysis software that improves operational efficiency and provides immediate, actionable intelligence to clients around the globe.

Originally designed for the hedge fund market, FundCount’s powerful portfolio and partnership accounting software — together with its integrated ledger — created demand from other market segments. Today, over 135 single and multi-family offices, fund administrators, private equity and hedge funds firms worldwide with assets totaling more than $150 billion rely on FundCount for accurate, timely information and flexible reporting.

FundCount supports its growing client base from the company’s U.S. headquarters and four additional international locations.

Why FundCount?

We realize there are numerous accounting and investment management software solutions on the market, so why choose FundCount?

Single integrated platform

FundCount addresses the challenge of gathering and aggregating information from various sources in a timely fashion without compromising accuracy. With all portfolio and partnership accounting activity integrated through a single general ledger and on one platform, investment information is consolidated, accurate and instantly available to share with your clients.

Streamlined efficiency

FundCount’s automated workflow tools streamline back-office operations to bring a higher level of efficiency to daily processes. Resources once allocated to time-consuming manual tasks such as data input can be reassigned to activities that provide greater value to your firm.

Flexible, effortless reporting

Reports are an integral part of our clients’ day-to-day operation and an important component of FundCount. Our expansive selection of out-of-the-box templates includes charts, graphs and other visuals. FundCount empowers firms with the tools needed to quickly produce and deliver consolidated reports tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

Global support

At FundCount, we take support seriously. With offices in Boston, Zurich, Singapore and Sydney, we cover four continents and provide support from different time zones, so we’re there for you over 16 hours a day.

Commitment to client service

While FundCount is not the largest technology firm serving the hedge fund, family office, fund administrator and private equity markets, we believe we are the most passionate about customer service. Our entrepreneurial and problem solving mindset combined with the agility that comes from being a smaller company enables us to respond quickly to client requests. Most of all, we are committed to a singular purpose – helping our clients succeed.

FundCount goes beyond the numbers to deliver a complete technology solution backed by the highest level of customer service and support.