Investment Reporting

The Power of FundCount

  • Select from hundreds of standard reports and templates in 20 categories
  • Quickly and easily customize reports to meet specific needs
  • Create presentation-quality financial, performance and shareholder reports
  • Use Excel functions and spreadsheets to create report templates
  • Develop reports with consolidated and look-through accounting information grouped by entities, family members, investments or portfolios according to data views needed
  • Communicate complex information more clearly with charts, graphs and other visual components

Timely, Flexible Reporting

FundCount offers a vast selection of standard reports and flexible templates to address the diverse requirements of family offices, hedge funds, private equity and fund administration. From tax and book accounting to advanced investment analysis and performance reports with customizable benchmarks, FundCount’s powerful reporting lets you create the reports you need in minutes, not days or weeks.

While accurate data is the core of any report, the flexibility to view data according to specific groupings or parameters is equally important. FundCount enables you to generate reports showing asset allocation by sector or asset class, monitor market and risk statistics, prepare tax schedules, calculate fund performance or create a custom report as needed. Drill-through reporting shows details and exposure of all underlying investments and provides transparency for auditors as well as for managers, investors and other stakeholders.

Customization Made Simple

When it comes to reporting, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. With FundCount’s flexible customization options, changing the look and feel of standard reports to meet specific client requests is simple. Insert logos, alter fonts and colors, select table borders and adjust other settings with a few keystrokes. Add further impact by selecting from a library of over 50 types of charts and graphs to integrate in your reports. Visual components not only add pizzazz to bland spreadsheets, but also help you present complex information in a way that is easier to understand.

FundCount enables you to build templates in Excel and then integrate your design and calculations into FundCount. By leveraging the universal knowledge of Excel, FundCount eliminates the learning curve associated with complicated and costly custom reporting packages. Reports in FundCount are quick to set up, easy to customize and simple to use. Once all settings are configured, preferences can be saved as a template for use on any other report.

Comprehensive Report Repository

Many sample reports are accessible through FundCount’s comprehensive Report Encyclopedia. In addition to housing standard reports, client-created reports are regularly added to the Report Encyclopedia and made available to all clients. After all, any good reporting idea one client has will likely be helpful to others. This unique and pragmatic approach enriches the Report Encyclopedia with a regular stream of new reports that keep pace with changing business needs.

Online Access

In today’s always-connected environment, clients expect reports to be readily available at any time and accessible across various devices. With FundCount, you can create interactive data reports for access by mobile phone, tablet and web. In addition, send reports by email or deliver them online through a secure web portal to your own client sites. Bank-level encryption, multi-level approvals and additional security features ensure the security of all data.

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