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Scaling Technology as You Grow

Posted on February 6th, 2015

Fund Administrators have to be flexible. They often maintain the official books and records for their clients. As their clients grow and they continue to add new clients, their technology solution has to be flexible enough to grow as well.

A few months ago, we talked with Stuart Wood, Director of Fund Administration at Cortland Capital Market Services, about how FundCount helped them grow from a small company with a handful of clients to over $36 billion assets under management.

Here’s three things that he identified that make FundCount scalable for growing firms:

Customizable Structures

As a firm grows and takes on new clients, not all of them are going to have the same structures, assets, and investment strategies. Eventually, you are going to run into some unique funds.

SW: “A lot of the funds that we were getting into had very unique structures. It was helpful to say, gosh, maybe setting up a side pocket is the right answer, but what if we create a separate fund to track it. We got some good added value out of being able to be more strategic in our approach.”

Our solution gives you the ability to customize how you track investments, cash flows, and entities, so you have a lot more leeway to pursue opportunities. Don’t limit yourself with software that forces you to record data their way. FundCount allows you to record it whichever way is best.

Easy to Learn

As your firm picks up new clients, you need to take on new staff to manage your firms growth. While every new hire takes some time to get up to speed with company practices, the less time that your technology solution takes to understand, the better.

SW: “I remember when I first came over to Cortland, there were a lot of things about FundCount that, off the bat, were much better than what I had seen with the larger, home-grown system. What I really like about it is the usability. Someone new can come in and pick it up and get a quick understanding of it using the Knowledge Base in the Community.”

With a customer-focused interface coupled with thorough help materials, FundCount provides your new employees with the tools to help them become productive sooner. Now they don’t have to puzzle out a piece of software without any help from the vendor.

Flexible Reporting

Your clients have different expectations of what they need to receive every month. Not all clients are going to want the same package of reports with the same information and look and feel.

SW: “With a lot of other systems, if you run a report, it comes out dry-looking with just the numerical data – definitely not in a format you could deliver. With FundCount, we have flexibility to create a more professional deliverable and we’re really comfortable with the reporting.”

To provide a good product, you will need to give your clients the information that they need in the format that they need it. One size fits all reports won’t cut it. FundCount provides you the flexibility in visual and data presentation so you can build trust and confidence with your customers by delivering exactly the reports they need.

FundCount has a history of helping fund administrators grow. Find out how our complete back-office solution can give your firm the edge in a crowded marketplace. Call us at +1 617-651-3980 today for a free demo!